Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My friends Waffle House news!

My friend Julie posted Waffle House news on her blog and it reminded me of the one time I had been to a Waffle House. I commented on her blog, and she reminded me I should write about it on MY blog. Hah, someday I'll get the hang of all of this...

So, Julie, myself and a third friend were back in Atlanta many moons ago on a kind of business trip. There isn't much I remember about the trip, besides standing right next to Amy Ray, or seeing Michelle Malone for the first time. But I remember the Waffle House. Julie was the only Waffle House veteran out of the 3 of us and I think even she was caught off guard. The first thing that should have been a clue was when the waitress asked if we wanted separate checks - Oh No we said. Being from California we knew better than to ask for those! So we placed our order and had a rather enjoyable meal - minus the people smoking at their tables which was also alien to us.

When we went up to pay the check things kind of fell apart. It was under $20 for all three of us. We were really impressed. Good enough food, low cost. But things got dicey when the cash register couldn't go past $9.99. They were having a hell of a time ringing up that one big check with three people on it. Who knew we would be throwing them such a curve ball by NOT getting our own checks!

So the article mentions how WH is now taking credit cards...and I have to wonder how that's going to go.

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